Children closet Streetway 05.01 in the shape of a house

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Made to order, dispatched within 6 – 8 weeks.

Inspiration – baroque castle JAROMĚŘICE NAD ROKYTNOU

The castle was owned by a family Questenberk

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Exclusive, timeless design closet Streetway, which will fit into any children’s room.

This children’s furniture is:

  • made of natural and non-toxic materials, laminated MDF and DTD, on which the patterns are milled,
  • the cabinets are on all sides,
  • rounded edges on furniture due to safety,
  • the edges of the closet doors are sanded and coated with wood oil, as is part of the back (“roof”),
  • the edges on the children’s bench are sanded MDF, in the upper part they are coated with wood oil paint,
  • used BLUM fittings with lifetime warranty, equipped with silent closing system PUSH system (opening the door by pushing without the need to use the handle), the door opening angle is 155o
  • adjustable shelves are secured against falling out by special supports,
  • the drawer is extended by a drawer full extension, which allows the full depth of the drawer to be pulled out, the drawer retracts by itself with tension and damping,
  • in the back there is a cut-out for the skirting board
  • Cabinet equipment: adjustable shelves, Hanger rod, the drawer.

WARNING!!! – the closet needs to be fixed to the wall for safety reasons to prevent the closet from tipping over

Colour design of closets

Warning: Colour shade may vary slightly due to different colour display on monitor screen, phone and in real product.


Beige, Gray, Mint, Pink, White, Yellow


large closet: 1950 x 550 x 570 mm, small closet: 1550 x 450 x 450 mm


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